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Pet Policy

Here at the Tamaracks Resort, we love that pets are an important part of many families and we encourage families to travel together. However, traveling with pets brings responsibilities for both owners and hosts. To make sure this works for ALL our guests we welcome your pets at Tamaracks Resort under these conditions:


Cabins ~ We require a $200 refundable pet deposit, and a $20 per pet per night fee, with a limit of two (2) pets per rentable unit. If there are no issues with you pet during your stay, we will refund your deposit by the end of the day of your check out. We keep the pet fee to help with extra housekeeping and the maintenance of our on-site dog park. If there are problems or complaints with your pet, you will forfeit the entire deposit for the inconvenience of our other guests and staff. If your pet cause’s problems for the other guests or any damage to Tamaracks Resort you may be asked to leave in which case, you will also forfeit your room charges and deposit.

RV/campsites ~ Same as above except: we require a $50 refundable deposit, and a $10 per pet per night fee, with a limit of two (2) pets per site.

Pets must be house trained. Be sure your pets get outside often enough to do their duty. It is your responsibility to clean up after them every time. There are 3 dog log stations around the property in addition to the dumpsters. Your pet deposit will be forfeited if our staff has to clean up after them inside or outside.


Pets must be on a leash at all times on the property with the exception of the Bark Park. Your pets can accompany you anywhere on the grounds except the MAIN BEACH. Pets are also restricted from going into other cabins that they are not registered for nor have a pet fee for. Please keep your pets out of other guests’ cabin area and campsites that are not a part of your group.


You must keep your pets with you at all times. If you leave the property you must take your pets. Guests have repeatedly left pets alone and barking, causing great distress to other guests and staff, costing us repeat customers. This is extremely disrespectful and will not be tolerated.


If there are any issues or complaints related to your pets we will call you immediately. If you do not answer you will forfeit your deposit. If your pet is left unattended, if your pet barks relentlessly causing distress to those around you, if you do not clean up after your pet, or if your pet threatens other guests or their pets, you will forfeit your deposit and may be asked to leave the property; in which case you will also forfeit any room charges.

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