Ice Off 50/50 ChallEnge

Ice Off

The Tamaracks Resort is beautifully located directly off Seeley Lake. After the harsh winter months pass there is a moment each year when the ice comes off the shores and puts everyone in the mood for warm weather. We call this the "Ice Off"


Ice Off is anxiously awaited by residents and visitors since it is the traditional start of the spring season. This year we are inviting you to participate in the guessing game with a chance to win some money!


Click the picture to view the Tamaracks live web cam

Ice is considered "off" the hour the final chunk of ice leaves the lake via OUR webcam and watch for us to go live on our Facebook page during the event.

Did you guess when the ice will come off?

This 50/50 challenge will award Alpine Artisans: $190.00



Congratulations to

Bill from Missoula, MT

WINNER of $190.00

Rules & Regulations

- $10 per hour.

- No Limit on guesses.

- Ice off date & time is based off our web cam.

Your paid hour covers the full 59 minutes of your guessed time (ex: 9:00PM covers until 9:59PM). 

- The 6:00PM time slot is the last guess of the day it will cover overnight until 6:59am the next morning.

- All guesses must be in by 6:PM Sunday April 12th, 2020.

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