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Placid Lake Ghost Trees

July 27th, 2011

We didn’t find huckleberries at Placid Lake as we thought we would but we did take another nice drive today. We let the doggies (Kali and Max) swim, had a picnic lunch overlooking the lake, and drove around taking photos of the Ghost Trees. These are so interesting. The trees were logged out around 1910. Two loggers would cut a slice into the tree about 4 to 5 feet off the ground, insert a “spring” board into the cut out part on both sides of the tree, then hop up on the board to cut the tree about 8 to 10 feet up. They did this because the “butt” of the tree is full of sap and too heavy to float down the rivers to the mill. If they didn’t get enough of the butt cut off the tree the log would sink before it made its way across the lake or rivers to the mill down at Bonner. Apparently the loggers had a good sense of humor because they painted the faces on the trees after everything was logged out. The mouth is where the spring board was inserted. Some of the original painted faces are still visible and untouched for over 100 years, some have been repainted to show people how they might have looked. I think we must have spotted a couple dozen visible from the road. Some people think the ghosts of some of the loggers lurk among these old tree stumps.








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